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A hedge bank is a hedge located on a rampart/bank providing protection against erosion. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Barriers
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A hedge bank is a distinct kind of hedge used in agriculture to mark the limits of an acre. They are located on little ramparts, which are sometimes not visible anymore. Today, they serve as a protection against erosion.

In northern Germany this type of hedge is very common. New hedge banks were created in eastern Germany for protection against erosion.

How to map

Draw a line and tag it with barrier=hedge_bank. Alternatively, use barrier=hedge and one of hedge_bank=yes or hedge=hedge_bank. Previously, an area with landuse=scrub was used.

Distinction with barrier=hedge

In general, barrier=hedge is used for all kind of hedges, it was the German community which decided to mark them differently in Germany as they deemed them being very distinct from hedges and typical for the landscape in northern Germany.