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A small house in a allotment garden area Edit or translate this description.
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A allotment_house is a small, simply built house usually for storage of garden equipment and simple furniture.
There is typically found in allotment garden areas. They were built by the gardeners and of a allotments=plot.
In the summer time use for dwell at weekend or stay during the day. Allotment houses are not inhabited permanently. Often an electricity or water connection is missing. The german name is casually "Gartenlaube" or "Schreberlaube" or "Schrebergarten Laube". In Germany, the "Bundeskleingartengesetz" regulates the size of max. 24m² without building permit.
This description not mean a "Dacha" (de:"Datsche"). Unfortunately there is no English word for "Schrebergarten Laube".

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Similar building types:

  • building=bungalow - Can be used as accommodation, use like Dacha.
  • building=cabin - A small house usually with a wood exterior.
  • building=hut - A small and crude shelter.
  • building=shed - Only for storage of garden equipment. Not suitable for stay. The term "Allotment Shed" is often used.

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