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Public-images-osm logo.svg building = transformer_tower
A small but tall building constructed to comprise a transformer and connect to an overhead power line. Edit or translate this description.
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Group: Buildings
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The tag building=transformer_tower represents a tall building specially designed to connect to an overhead medium voltage power line (power=minor_line) and to house a small substation with a distribution transformer. Often, the power line has been dismantled and replaced by an underground cable. However, the building may still be in use as a substation.

How to map

Map the building and add the tag building=transformer_tower.

If the building is still in use as a substation then it should also get the following tags:

Other optional tags:

  • operator=* (the name of the power company)
  • ref=*, name=* (any reference number or name the power company may use to refer to this substation)


Tags Description Image
area building=transformer_tower
A German transformer tower. Trafohaus.jpg

See also

  • power=substation Tagging of substation properties and substation components like transformers.