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Public-images-osm logo.svg cycle_network = cycle_highway
A cycle network which focuses on functional cycling, e.g. commuting Edit or translate this description.
Group: Properties
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A cycle highway is (part of) a cycle network, where the focus of the network is on functional cycling, such as commuting by bike. It focusses on speed, safety and comfort, not on scenery and recreational value.

How to tag

Every leg of the network is mapped as one relation. This means that every cycleway/street/... is included as member of a relation having the following tags:

Tags Description

name=F32 Fietssnelweg Brugge - Roeselare

The tagging for F32 from Bruges to Roeselare.

Additional tagging

Additionally, if the cycle infrastructure is built on an old railway bed, the ways themselves can get an additional 'railway=abandoned'. This should not be placed on the relation though!

In Belgium

In Belgium, a cycle highway is a clearly defined and signposted cycle network. They (mostly) are built by the provinces.

In Flanders, the cycling highway network is always indicated with a Fxx-number. The network is typically built on old, abandoned railways (but not always), quite wide (at least 2m), asphalted and two-way.

In Brussels, the cycle_highways will be numbered Cxx.

In Wallonia, the RAVel-routes are similar in properties, but are built with a typical recreational and touristic background.

All Belgian cycle_highways are included in this master relation. An official (but often incorrect) overview website is fietssnelwegen.be. A list of mapped relations can also be found on the wiki