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temple affiliated with La Luz del Mundo, a Christian denomination Edit or translate this description.
Group: Religion
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La Luz del Mundo is a restorationist Christian denomination with temples primarily in the Americas. Like Jehovah's Witnesses but unlike most Christian denominations, LLDM does not use the Christian cross; therefore, renderers should avoid symbolizing LLDM temples with the cross.

How to identify

LLDM temples are typically named "Iglesia La Luz del Mundo", even in English-speaking countries. [1] Some are also named "The Light of the World Church" in English. [2][3] Do not confuse LLDM temples with non-LLDM churches that happen to be called "La Luz del Mundo" or "Light of the World", such as this COGIC church.

LLDM temples do not have a uniform appearance but may be identified in street-level imagery by one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Aaron's rod on top of the building [4]
  • Menorahs in front [5]
  • The church's full official name in Spanish or English [6][7]
  • The LLDM logo, featuring a column, book of scripture, globe, and S-shaped ribbon [8]
  • The monogram of church leader Naasón Joaquín García (NJG) [9]
  • "La Luz del Mundo" in gold lettering and the absence of a cross or other denomination name [10][11]
  • A prominent banner commemorating Samuel Joaquín Flores' 50-year ministry ending in 2014 [12][13][14]

How to map

Either map the overall temple grounds as a amenity=place_of_worship landuse=religious area or map the specific temple building as amenity=place_of_worship building=*.