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An area beside a highway where you can safely stop your car in case of breakdown or emergency. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: highways
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The tag highway=emergency_bay is used for mapping an emergency bay - an area beside a highway (usually motorway or trunk road) where you can safely stop your car in case of breakdown or emergency. Emergency Bays are also known as Emergency Refuge Areas in the United Kingdom and as Accident Investigation Sites or Crash Investigation Sites in the United States.

It is usually sign posted with the following traffic signs:

  • German traffic sign 328 German traffic sign 328
  • French traffic sign C8 French traffic sign C8
  • Dutch traffic sign L14 Dutch traffic sign L14 or Dutch traffic sign BB06 Dutch traffic sign BB06
  • Belgian traffic sign F98 or Belgian traffic sign IF2 (being phased out)
  • British traffic sign
  • Japan traffic sign 116-6 非常駐車帯(116の6)

How to map

If there is no physical separation, add a node node into a road way where the emergency bay is. Set highway=emergency_bay on the node. For bidirectional roads, also set direction=forward or direction=backward to indicate which travel direction the emergency bay is for.

In case of physical separation between the emergency bay and the main road, draw the emergency bay as a short separate road segment way way connected to the main road. Set the tag highway=emergency_bay on the new way representing the emergency bay.


Suggested Zeichen 328 - Nothalte- und Pannenbucht, StVO 2006.svg

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