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Public-images-osm logo.svg landuse = paddy
Rice Field.jpg
An area of farmland where the surface and shape of the ground is suitable for growing rice. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: landuse
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An area of farmland where the surface and shape of the ground is suitable for growing rice.

If the field is cropped with another crop, the tag should still be retained if the field status does not change and the field continues to be used for rice paddy.

If it is planting rice without knowing the condition of the land surface, irrigation, etc., it might just use crop=rice. E.g. dry-field rice or upland rice, etc.

How to map

Draw an areaarea around the boundaries of the rice paddy, and tag with landuse=paddy.

Additional tags

  • name=* - If it's run by an agriculture-related agency or organization, it may have a name.
  • operator=* - Indicates an agricultural operation or organization. Places run by individuals do not need to be described.
  • irrigated=* - Used to indicate whether the paddy is irrigated or not. Typically, a wetted rice paddy might have irrigated=yes. An irrigated=no tag can be appended to rainfed paddy fields that are not irrigated.
  • rice:race=* - Use with the 'crop=rice' tag to indicate the geographical race of the rice. There are two main families, the 'Japonica race' (rice:race=Japonica) and the 'Indica race' (rice:race=Indica)[1]. The 'Javanica race' is included in the 'Japonica race'.

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See also

  • crop=rice - This can be used to indicate that the crop grown is ' rice'. If you are growing 'rice' on dry land, you might not use the 'landuse=paddy' tag, just the 'crop=rice' tag.
  • landuse=farmland + farmland=*
  • surface=mud - It can be used where the condition of the land surface has been artificially made muddy.
  • irrigated=* - It can be added to indicate that the land is dependent on irrigation.
  • irrigation=flooded
  • usage=irrigation - Artificial waterways which bring water to agriculture fields or facilities


  1. In English-speaking countries, it is often referred to as 'jasmine rice' or 'long grain'.
  2. This tag was in some use before the new tag was created, but it is recommended using the new tag whenever possible.