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Cambourne Business Park - geograph.org.uk - 15908.jpg
A commercial zone, predominantly offices or services. Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
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Group: landuse
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Status: de facto

Use the tag landuse=commercial to mark areas of land used for commercial purposes. Commercial landuse mainly deals with services and trade (tertiary sector).

Such area may consist of offices, administration, laboratories, logistics, hotels, car repair stations, and associated infrastructure (car parks, service roads, lawns and so-on). Compared to industrial landuse (landuse=industrial) no goods are produced.

Occasionally several office buildings will be built on one property in which case the property itself may be known as a business park.

Areas of land that are primarily used for shops, restaurants etc are tagged as landuse=retail.

Government buildings and government offices are tricky. In many classification such land use is named "Commercial and Services" or similar to avoid exactly this problem. Some mappers use landuse=civic_admin for areas primarily used for government offices and buildings.

How to map

Map an area. The area should contain the whole commercial zone together with parking lots and streets.

Additional tags

  • name=* - to add the name (possibly branded) of the commercial zone or the name of the specific organization managing the site.
  • operator=* - the name of the juridical person managing this site and possibly other sites.
  • operator:type=* - the type of the juridical person managing this site and possibly other sites.
  • building=office for office buildings, or building=commercial if it is not possible to specify building type.
  • Various office=* or amenity=* are likely to appear in a commercial zone.

When not to use

This area is landuse=farmland - even if local government zoned it for commercial development and construction is planned in future

Areas zoned as commercial by local development plans, and not yet used as commercial areas should be marked according to their current situation.

Example of rendering

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