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A public or private place for fishing. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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A place for fishing.

Different countries have rather distinct approaches to the regulation of fishing (whether coarse angling or fly fishing), see [W] Fishing_license. The following notes relate to various types of fishing facilities by country

United Kingdom

Private angling waters

These are probably the commonest type of generic angling facility across the UK. Any kind of fishing will require membership of a club or purchase of day ticket. Some public places will have private fishing rights (e.g., canals, some rivers, nature reserves etc). Additionally fishing clubs may own a number of ponds and small lakes, or lease land from a farmer and create a pond. See for example Notts Anglers website. Each water may have specific rules about when fish may be caught (night fishing, closed season etc) and access.

Tag the area controlled by the organisation with name=*, operator=*: this may be more extensive than the actual fishing water and should include access roads and paths including gates etc, parking etc. Example: Oldmoor Pond, Strelley way 759186849.

Individual fishing pegs can be mapped, e.g., man_made=fishing_peg.

For sites which have other primary tags using the leisure=* key such as Attenborough Nature Reserve this tag cannot be used.

Commercial Fishing Lakes (Fisheries)

These often consist of a set of excavated ponds stocked with a particular fish type. Fishing requires purchase of a day ticket, although some will offer discounts to members of fishing clubs. The larger ones may have a cafe and sell bait and other angling supplies. Examples: Lake View, Holwell way 759185145, Longford Fisheries, Longford, Derbys way 759187862

Catch and Release

Sector of rivers dedicated to the practice of catch and release, where often special daily permits are required beside normal licenses. Special tagging indicates the boundaries of these special sectors.


Fishing permited (fishing=yes):

Fishing Forbidden(fishing=no):


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