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Planter at Station Road, Ince.JPG
A structure for planting flowers or other ornamental plants Edit or translate this description.
Group: Man made
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Planters are common features of urban landscaping, containing soil and planted with flowers, ornamental shrubs or small trees. They may be heavy containers made from concrete or other materials or built into other landscaping features. In many cases they are a decorative way of creating obstacles, for instance as a barrier of some kind.

In some cases historic objects, such as water troughs for horses are reused as planters (see gallery).

How to Map

Add a node node at the centre or draw the outline area of the planter and tag the node or area with man_made=planter.

Do not use for smaller flower-pots which can be lifted by a single person, or for window boxes or similar containers which are also used for plants.

Tags to use in combination

material=* can be used to indicate the material the planter is made of. If the planter also acts as a barrier for traffic, consider adding barrier=planter.


Alternative Tags

A number of other similar tags exist in usage, such as:

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