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Public-images-osm logo.svg man_made = wildlife_opening
Man made clearing for wildlife. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Man made
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Use to tag a meadow created and maintained in a forest (natural=wood) for wildlife.

The forest service in the United States uses this terminology for artificially created forest openings for wildlife.

How to map

Draw a way around the area of the opening, and tag man_made=wildlife_opening and landuse=meadow

Sometimes these will have a role of "inner" in a forest or wood multipolygon relation.

Tags in combination

These meadows would quickly revert to forest if let alone.

If the opening has a name, add name="name of meadow".

If the opening has access for handicapped, find the right tag for that.

Similar tags

  • landuse=meadow - An area of land primarily vegetated by grass plus other non-woody plants.
  • landuse=farm - An area of farmland used for tillage and pasture.
  • landuse=grass - An unspecified area were grass grows. E.g. a lawn in a park, the middle of a roundabout, part of a golf course, the side of the road, etc.
  • natural=scrub - A plant community characterized by vegetation dominated by shrubs (bush) More woody plants than a meadow.
  • natural=heath - A dwarf-shrub habitat, characterized by open, low growing woody vegetation, often dominated by plants of the Ericaceae. More woody plants than a meadow.

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