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An opening exposed on the earth's surface where volcanic material is emitted. Edit or translate this description.
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A  volcano is an opening exposed on the earth's surface where volcanic material is emitted. All volcanoes contain a central vent underlying the summit crater of the volcano. Some volcanos may have more than one vent, fissures and fumeroles.

How to Map

Add the natural=volcano as a node node. Place it as close to the centre of the main crater/caldera/vent as you can.

Name the volcano using name=* on the node.

Tags to use in combination

These are the three main types. Further information in Volcano on Wikipedia
  • ele=* - Height of a volcano in meters in relation to the sea level

Relation to natural=peak

Note although many volcanoes are mountains and in many maps natural=volcano and natural=peak are rendered in a similar way the location of the main volcanic vent/crater is generally not identical to the highest peak so natural=volcano does not necessarily imply a mountain peak.

Crater rim

The crater rim can be tagged using

natural=crater has been used to map crater and bomb crater rims, areas or impact sites but has never been defined, use is discouraged until there is some definition.


name=Anak Krakatau

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