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Public-images-osm logo.svg place = allotments
A separate settlement, which is located outside an officially inhabited locality and has its own addressing Edit or translate this description.
Group: Places
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Dachas or cottages settlement (Russian: дачный посёлок, коттеджный поселок), which is located outside official inhabited locality (Russian: населённый пункт) place=isolated_dwelling/hamlet/village/town/city. In general - any territory, which has addressing and is located outside official inhabited locality. This tag is used for supporting addressing in such settlements or allotments.


Cottage settlement is very distinct type of settlement in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union.

They are different from the other settlements in the following aspects:

  • Houses located in such settlements are used as seasonal or year-round second homes;
  • They are not considered as settlements officially:
    • they are not mentioned in address registers (КЛАДР),
    • don't have official postal addresses ( addressing mentioned above is rather a lot numbering, which may be used for navigation, but not for mail delivery),
    • people can't register themselves there (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Propiska_in_the_Soviet_Union),
  • they are marked with different kind of landuse in cadaster ("Lands of agricultural purpose / Земли сельскохозяйственного назначения" vs. "Settlemend lands / Земли поселений (земли населенных пунктов))") and there may be many more unapparent differences.

That said, we very much need to distinguish these kind of places from official settlements.

Note that other former Soviet Union countries that previously had allotments may have abandoned the concept following land privatization. For example, in Latvia former allotments are called "summerhouse hamlets",[1] which is an official hamlet classification based on former allotments. While mappers often tag these as allotments, they do have official place recognition, have postal addresses, and have the land plotted by ownership in cadaster.

Additional specification

To distinguish gardenings, which are marked with place=allotments, from cottage settlements, which are also marked with place=allotments, and other objects, it is proposed to used additional tags:


When rendering, author of map, shoud choose one of variant: marking all place=allotments, marking place=allotments of some type, marking place=allotments except some type. Note, that marking all place=allotments without filtering, can leads to unwanted results (existing of unneccessary signs).

Gardenings in settlements

For tagging gardening inside settlements, use place=neighbourhood, place=quarter or place=suburb.

See also

For tagging situation, when numbers of houses are related not to street, but to gardening, use tag addr:place=*.


  • https://lv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vasarn%C4%ABcu_ciems