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Buried wires in the ground used for realization of ground connections Edit or translate this description.
Group: Power
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A grounding wire is a bare wire buried in the ground used for realization of a ground connection. Extensive horizontal groundings can be found at HVDC schemes and transmitters, especially those working on frequencies below 10 MHz.

How to Map

Draw a way way following the path of the grounding. It is not necessary to tag grounding wires with a layer=* unless two grounding wires cross each other. As groundings can consist of a single vertical rod, this tag can be also used on a node node.


When known, you can also add at least these tags to further define the line:

See also

  • power=antenna_line for antenna wires spun between multiple support structures
  • power=minor_line for power lines used for voltages below 40 kV
  • power=line For uninsulated high-voltage power lines, used for bulk transmission.
  • power=cable For insulated, underground or sea cables.