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Public-images-osm logo.svg route = minibus
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The route of a minibus service (eg 'No. 777'). Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: Routes
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Status: undefined

This tag is used on relations which map the route of a minibus service.

The tag is useful instead of route=bus when they are being segregated into another class of service. They usually use a smaller vehicle (e.g. 20 seats or less with no standees allowed) instead of a large buses, and typically act as a feeder service or offer short haul connection within local community level. It is also common (but not a must) for passengers to be able to board/deboard these vehicles outside designated stops.

Unlike route=share_taxi, minibuses are operated in exactly the same way as regular buses, with completely fixed routing.

Examples of minibus services include Lähibusseja in Helshinki, Green Minibus in Hong Kong, and Community Bus in Japan.

See also Buses.