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A shop for mobile-, or manufactured-homes Edit or translate this description.
Group: Shops
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A place that primarily sells mobile- or manufactured-homes, which are intended to be permanently, or semi-permanently, located in one spot. mobile home

For places that sell other recreational vehicles such as towed caravans (a.k.a travel trailers, pop-tops, camper trailers, tent trailers, 5th wheelers etc); powered, self-propelled motorhomes (camper vans, expedition vehicles, truck trailers / slide-ons etc); & similar types of vehicle, see shop=caravan

How to map

Draw as an area around the area outline or set a node on the office. Tag it with shop=mobile_home.

Tags used in combination

Tag Description Example
name=* Name of the shop.
opening_hours=* When the shop is open. Mo-Sa 10:00-20:00; Su,PH off
Tool to test the format
brand=* Sold or supported brands Clayton;Champion,...
mobile_home:sales If they sell mobile-homes, new or used.
mobile_home:rental If they rent mobile-homes
mobile_home:repair If they repair mobile-homes
mobile_home:parts If they sell mobile-home parts
second_hand=* If they sell second hand mobile-homes. yes (if they sell both new and second hand), only (if they only sell second hand)
delivery=* If they can arrange transport / delivery of the mobile-home, either by themselves, or via a transport company. yes


name=Mega Mansions

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