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Public-images-osm logo.svg shop = vacuum_cleaner
Panasonic MCE8013 vacuum cleaner close.jpg
A shop that sales vacuum cleaners Edit or translate this description.
Rendering in OSM Carto
Group: Shops
Used on these elements
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Useful combination
Status: de facto

A shop that specalises in the sale of vacuum cleaners and associated products

How to map

Set a node or draw as an area along the shop outline. Tag it with shop=vacuum_cleaner and name=*.

Tags used in combination

  • addr:*=* - the address of this feature
  • website=* - website of this feature
  • phone=* - phone number of this feature
  • opening_hours=* - hours of opening
  • operator=* - indicates the operator or name of the company operating this feature
  • wheelchair=no/yes/limited - suitable for wheelchairs
  • repair=* - Information whether a dedicated shop does repair

Similar tags

  • Not to be confused with amenity=vacuum_cleaner - A device used to clean motor vehicles by vacuum.
  • shop=electronics - A shop selling consumer electronics such as TVs, radios and fridges.