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Usually a fenced yard protecting the place where overhead power line goes underground. Edit or translate this description.
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A transition substation sometimes referred to as transition yard. This is not a real substation but a fenced-off area with cable terminals where underground cables connect to an overhead power line. It comprises no active components such as switches or transformers.

How to map

See guidelines from power=substation or pipeline=substation to get more information.

A fenced perimeter should be installed around the substation. If the cable terminals are located on the power tower itself or if the pieline goes underground (no fenced area on the ground) don't tag this as a substation. Use the attribute location:transition=yes on the tower or the pipeline junction node instead.


Photo Tagging OSM Carto Note
20130630 145023.jpg area227956671

name=Portique 225kV de Chavanod

-- 225 kV transition substation in the French countryside. Overhead power lines end on portals and connect to underground power cables.