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Public-images-osm logo.svg wall = no
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slight construction like a shed or balcony opened on one side at least or without foundation Edit
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Useful combination


Status: in use


This tag is always used in combination with building=* and is mainly used in France with data coming from the french land registry (cadastre). This is designating "slight constructions" like sheds or any construction with a roof and at least one side open or without foundations.

The french cadastre distinguishes two types of buildings :

  • permanent buildings tied down (with foundations) and closed on all sides
  • slight constructions like storage sheds or balconies or simple roofs which are open in one or more sides or are not fixed to the ground.

The first is imported with the tag building=yes (value can be refined later by contributors).

The second is imported with the tag building=yes + wall=no.


This tag has been proposed a while ago to translate this category from the french cadastre into OSM. The french community is open to discuss it and replace the old one by something new if a better tag is agreed by consensus.

See also

  • building=yes + wall=no can be replaced by building=roof but only when it's really a roof. The French cadastre doesn't distinguish roofs and constructions without foundations.