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Available languages — Tagwatch
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Tagwatch (tagwatch.stoecker.eu) provided statistics on tag usage within the OpenStreetMap database. It generated information pages about tags - similar to the Map Features wiki tag documentation, but generated automatically based on actual tag usage.

  • It looked for the tags actually being used within OSM, rather than what someone says ought to be used
  • It used the actual rendering (from osmarender z17 tilesheet), so you can see what the feature looks like on the map

As of March 2014, Tagwatch is discontinued. All URL's redirect to the start page of the more flexible Taginfo service.

Running/developing TagWatch

If you run this script on a regular basis please do this outside the peak times (8:00-23:30 GMT). This will help to reduce the serverload on the wiki for others.

  • Source code (GGPL 3.0)
  • Requires Perl, LWP, Perl Mediawiki module, Perl Math::Round, Inkscape, xsltproc, etc.

Editable inputs

These are all wiki pages, which lets us watch and access-control peoples' changes to them. When you run the program, these pages get read in and used to construct the HTML pages.

Tagwatch/Photos Photos (JPEG) of what each tag represents
Tagwatch/Descriptions Description of each tag. (Still used but deprecated by Tag:Key=value pages)
Tagwatch/Watchlist Tags to index in greater detail
Tagwatch/Interface User interface, in various languages
Tagwatch/Volatile Values of this tag are expected to be unique, and not worth grouping (e.g. name or ref)
Tagwatch/Ignore Keys to ignore, because they're internal metadata (e.g. created_by, from, to, lat, lon, timestamp)
Not yet used:
Tagwatch/Translations Links to word-definitions and translations
Tagwatch/Wikipedia Links to wikipedia pages describing each tagged feature (note: we can get additional-language articles automatically once we have the first wikipedia link)
Tagwatch/Combinations Frequently used tag combinations rendered differently