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Tagwatch (http://tagwatch.stoecker.eu) provided statistics on tag usage within the OpenStreetMap database. It generated information pages about tags - similar to the Map Features wiki tag documentation, but generated automatically based on actual tag usage.

  • It looked for the tags actually being used within OSM, rather than what someone says ought to be used
  • It used the actual rendering (from osmarender z17 tilesheet), so you can see what the feature looks like on the map

As of March 2014, Tagwatch is discontinued.

Running/developing TagWatch

If you run this script on a regular basis please do this outside the peak times (8:00-23:30 GMT). This will help to reduce the serverload on the wiki for others.

  • Source code (GGPL 3.0)
  • Requires Perl, LWP, Perl Mediawiki module, Perl Math::Round, Inkscape, xsltproc, etc.

Editable inputs

These are all wiki pages, which lets us watch and access-control peoples' changes to them. When you run the program, these pages get read in and used to construct the HTML pages.

Tagwatch/Descriptions Description of each tag. (Still used but deprecated by Tag:Key=value pages)
Tagwatch/Volatile Values of this tag are expected to be unique, and not worth grouping (e.g. name or ref)