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Discuss 2010 07 Pakistan Floods here:

Re-use templates. Sub pages.

Wiki Project Pakistan Floods

  • re-use as much as possible from the template formed by the WikiProject Haiti
  • why not creating a 2010 07 Pakistan Floods subpage from the WikiProject Pakistan

User:Nicolas Chavent 23:24, 4 August 2010

Speaking from my wiki-fiddling experience...
Sub-pages tend to be over-used. It's better to go for a descriptive shorter page name. Especially if you want to start splitting off information into further sub-pages. Haiti is a bit of an extreme case. Now that country's wiki page is entirely defined and dominated by the disaster response work, which was maybe a mistake. Certainly for Pakistan we don't want to do this. Better to follow the example of 2010 Chile earthquake. Separate page for the disaster, with further sub-pages.
"2010 07 Pakistan Floods" is OK name. If I were moving it, I'd probably just go for "2010 Pakistan Floods", but it's OK
We have a big glowing link from WikiProject Pakistan. It's not linked from the Main Page. We probably should've added that sooner if we really wanted to draw attention to this, but my understanding is that at the moment there's not so much useful mapping to do.
-- Harry Wood 10:11, 5 August 2010 (BST)

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