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Capitals which are not tagged as a town or city

[W] Vatican City - node 424311883 - was place=country until 2016, then place=town until 2022, now place=suburb

a country cannot be a 'capital', there's likely some tagging/mapping problem Dieterdreist (talk) 11:36, 11 October 2016 (UTC)
yes, after some checking how Monaco is tagged I switched this to place=town.--Jojo4u (talk)
Well, it is a bit difficult, town is not correct, as we are speaking of a part of Rome, not a town on it's own.--Dieterdreist (talk) 11:13, 12 October 2016 (UTC)
As per discussion in [Changeset 115513285] this is now place=suburb.--Jojo4u (talk) 18:12, 5 February 2022 (UTC)

[W] Vaduz - node 1932181216 - was place=village - currently place=town

this is likely a "town" and not a "village" Dieterdreist (talk) 11:36, 11 October 2016 (UTC)
Well this is up to local discussion. It's not the largest settlement in Liechtenstein, but the most important. The larger Schaan has more infrastructure like train halt but also has only a population of 6000, should this be village then? In Austria and Switzerland statistically a town needs a population of 10000.--Jojo4u (talk)
Being a town or not is not something that can be solved statistically. In Switzerland there are many towns below 10000 inhabitants, the smallest town even has less than 100 inhabitants. See here for a list of many other small swiss towns: [1]. This is not about population but about history and function and structure. Anyway, Liechtenstein is a country of its own, it's not comparable to Switzerland or Austria. --Dieterdreist (talk) 08:02, 14 October 2016 (UTC)
Sorry but your article works against your case. If some Swiss village of 100 people calls itself "Stadt" because it was entitled to this title in the middle ages does make it a place=town. You would have to look at the function and structure now. Historic significance should be weighted very low. From my rule-of-thumb: take population first and adjust according to secondary properties from 10% to 200%. E.g. a town can have a population of 1000-20000.--Jojo4u (talk) 17:24, 14 October 2016 (UTC)
in Italy we use the status to determine town or not, and it's not just about a title given to the settlement in remote times, rather there is generally continuity from then to now, the status and importance could be seen for example from the place in the road network, or from the architecture and structure of the settlement. Usually I don't come across so small towns with fewer than thousand inhabitants, and I'm not sure how to deal with extreme cases like the ones above, it would need local knowledge to judge I think. In Germany there is a strict upper limit for towns at 99.999, so 20.000 is definitely too small.--Dieterdreist (talk) 22:30, 14 October 2016 (UTC)

[W] Ngerulmud - node 4244310289 - was place=hamlet/place=town - currently place=village

this is likely a "town", not thinkable to expect a building like this in a hamlet.Dieterdreist (talk) 11:36, 11 October 2016 (UTC)
You need to rethink - it's only the pictured building complex. Nobody lives there except janitors. Check it further if you don't believe me.--Jojo4u (talk)
You're right, have been looking too superficially at this, hamlet might be correct (or maybe village, we'd need more information here and things might also change in the future).--Dieterdreist (talk) 11:13, 12 October 2016 (UTC)
It was changed to town a year a ago, I changed it back to village as a middle ground with reference to this discussion. --Jojo4u (talk) 14:08, 3 October 2019 (UTC)

[W] Yaren - node 313728509 - place=village/capital=no

According to WP-en this is wrong, there is no official capital: "Yaren (and sometimes Aiwo) is usually listed as the capital of Nauru though this is incorrect; the republic does not have cities or an official capital." Dieterdreist (talk) 11:36, 11 October 2016 (UTC)
There is wiggle-room. Capital=yes must not does not need to be the offical capital, de-facto is also ok (see London). It's all about how the residents refer to Yaren.--Jojo4u (talk)
I don't know about London, but IMHO capital should be the official capital. We're dealing with an official property, how could a "feeling" compete? --Dieterdreist (talk) 11:15, 12 October 2016 (UTC)
According to WP Bern, London, Brades, Taipeh are not the official (written in law) capitals. Columbo is "commercial" capital. I also think the case for Yaren is too weak and I have removed the capital=yes from it.

[W] Funafuti - place=municipality (alternatively place=atoll) node 3376265049

place=municipality is bogus, a municipality is an administrative entity, not a "place". With place=municipality it seems misrepresented, place=atoll might be ok, according to WP-en: "The capital of Tuvalu is sometimes given as Fongafale or Vaiaku, but the entire atoll of Funafuti is officially the capital." Still it has to be discussed whether a place=atoll is a settlement type.Dieterdreist (talk) 11:36, 11 October 2016 (UTC)
I see place=municipality as a middle ground: It's a collection of settlements to which people refer like one big settlement. There are numerous examples here around Stuttgart like Filderstadt, Leinfelden-Echterdingen and Weinstadt. A capital consists at least of buildings (Plymouth on Montserrat is not capital any more). An island or atoll alone can't be capital, but the settlements as a whole on the island/atoll can.--Jojo4u (talk) 22:52, 13 October 2016 (UTC)

[W] South Tarawa - place=municipality (alternatively place=atoll) node 703437318

place=atoll seems OK, for place=municipality see above. Dieterdreist (talk) 11:36, 11 October 2016 (UTC)
South Tarawa is only the southern part of the Tarawa atoll. There is quite a confusion whether Tarawa or South Tarawa is the capital WP:DEWP:EN, newer.--Jojo4u (talk) 22:41, 13 October 2016 (UTC)

How to deal with seasonal capitals?

See (talk) 16:21, 24 August 2018 (UTC)

From waterway tagging there is the key seasonal=*, also there is the conditional tagging concept which allows for the specification of times and dates. —Dieterdreist (talk) 09:08, 26 August 2018 (UTC)
Thank you. So e.g. Mumbai would be tagged capital=yes + capital:restriction=yes @ (feb-okt) and Nagpur according to would be tagged capital=no + capital:restriction=yes @ (nov-jan) and both should have the role=admin_centre in the relation in JOSM?--PangoSE (talk) 08:03, 27 August 2018 (UTC)
With conditional tagging I would rather expect it to be capital=no and capital:conditional=yes @ (feb-oct) --Dieterdreist (talk) 09:06, 27 August 2018 (UTC)