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I would like to criticise the tag "museum=apis_mellifera" and put it up for discussion.

- A museum on this topic is essentially about beekeeping, not about the honeybee species alone. That's why a tag like "beekeeping" or "apiculture" would be more appropriate.

I see no need to introduce a special value for beekeeping in museum=*:

- Rural and commercial beekeeping, with the purpose of ensuring pollination and obtaining bee products, should be seen as part of agriculture. Then a beekeeping museum can be counted as museum=agriculture.

- Alternatively, the bee and its ecology can be placed at the centre of attention. Then museum=nature should be the correct categorisation. I consider it inconsistent to use the value "apis_mellifera" on the same level as "art", "nature" or "history".

My suggestion is to delete the entry museum=apis_mellifera without replacement.

To tag the type or subject of a museum more precisely, there are options using subject=* or museum:type=*, as described in the wiki.

Best regards to the community HAmap

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While I share the criticism, simply removing the information isn’t the way to go. I would expect you provided the idea for a replacement tag that can achieve both, give a more generic context and provide the information that the museum is specifically about honey bees. —Dieterdreist (talk) 16:09, 18 April 2024 (UTC)

That's exactly how I see it, the information about the museum's theme should not be lost. There is already a proposed solution for this, namely to define the subject in more detail with the key:subject=*.

I want to support this solution. For this to work well, broader categories should be used in the key:museum=*. The subject, or several subjects, is then named very specifically in the key:subject=*. And subject:wikipedia (or :wikidata) can be used to provide an explanatory link. Example:





Here are the wiki pages that document this solution:


you can find: "museum=* / subject=* - Type of museum regarding the exhibits, subject of the museum"




This solution is also used in this proposal

Is it possible that information will be lost anyway? Maybe I don't understand this point correctly ... HAmap

value museum=palaeontology

Both “palaeontology” or “palaeontological” (British English) and “paleontology” (American English) are used in osm. Without counting proper names, the British version is significantly more common (780 values) than the American version (10 values).

I suggest using only the British spellings “palaeontology” and “palaeontological”, adapting the wiki texts accordingly and changing the few values with American English. For proper names and descriptions, the respective national language should of course continue to be used.

Summary of discussion in the community: There was no major discussion. Following my suggestion, the 10 outliers in AE syntax should be corrected in BE and only palaeontology should continue to be used as a value. 5 people marked this with a like, there were no dissenting votes.

I have adjusted the entry in the wiki pages accordingly.