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Proposed move to Sports and leisure

I suggest we move this to Sports and leisure given that there is considerable overlap between these two concepts. Note that Potlatch already has a tags menu item with this title (actually Sport and leisure). PeterIto 13:24, 3 July 2012 (BST)

I oppose. sport=* is a subcategory from leisure=*. Map features says "Use sport=* in conjunction with landuse=* or leisure=*." Although I don't find any sport facilities in landuse=*. Leisure include some tags that don't fit to sport, such as park or garden. I suggest to delete Leisure and use Key:leisure instead. --Rudolf 07:44, 4 July 2012 (BST)
To be clear, features pages are intended to provide introductions to general subjects of interest to mappers, and not be purely summaries of how to use a particular key. As such, this article would cover everything from parks and recreation grounds, from soccer pitches and golf courses and also brief overviews of hiking, beach resorts and skiing together with links to the articles about those subject. To that list one could add swimming pools, 10 pin-bowling and possibly theatres and museums. It would of course refer to both the leisure tag (leisure=pitch etc) and also the sport tag (sport=soccer etc) as well as amenity for theaters amenity=theatre. To be clear, I am certainly not suggesting that there should be any change to the established use of 'sport' and 'leisure' tag, the page is actually to allow people to find the right tag across lots of keys. PeterIto 17:15, 6 July 2012 (BST)