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IRC channel discussion

Edited discussion on the IRC channel with various information which should be incorporated into the proposal:

[16:43] <cmarqu> Do you have reference numbers for forest areas in the UK or the US or AU? Possibly signposted on trees?

[16:46] <Blackadder> cmarqu: Managed forest areas are often numbered in the UK, though they aren't as good at keep the signs in good condition any more suggesting its fallen into disuse

[16:48] <cmarqu> Blackadder: Do they have an official name? In German, it's "Forstabteilungsnummer", literally "forest section number"

[16:48] <Dee>

[16:48] <Blackadder> cmarqu: Not that I am aware of. All the ones I recall were three digit numbers as a small sign on a wooden post suggesting they reuse the number

[16:49] <SK53> cmarqu: I've been wondering about this issue for a while, but havent taken it any further than

[16:50] <malenki> Blackadder, but how are the things called which the three digit numbers are numbering?

[16:51] <SK53> malenki: my guess is that they'll be called something like "Management Compartments"

[16:52] <cmarqu> SK53: Ah, thanks, that fits. In places, they serve as a useful indication of position. I plan to support them on my hiking map, like so:

[16:53] <SK53> cmarqu: richlv has done something with breaks in forests as well (usually mark the edges of compartments/section/abteilung)

[16:54] <cmarqu> We won't have closed polygons for most of them, so we are using those little angles, tagged with boundary=forest; ref=213 so far

[16:54] <malenki> like this cmarqu's example:

[16:57] <cmarqu> SK53: I used a way with man_made=forest_aisle once for these.

[16:59] <malenki> i "mapped" it like this:

[17:00] <SK53> I'll have to add these to the proposal page as it provides a source of detail about applicability of the concept

[17:01] <SK53> this was what Richlv suggested:

[17:03] <malenki> but cutline alone wouldn't be sufficient to map the compartments completely

[17:06] <SK53> malenki: agreed, but the compartments should probably be made using relations grouping the relevant cutlines or forest_aisles

[17:06] <malenki> SK53, what if there are no cutlines?

[17:07] <SK53> malenki: then you can use the same tag (e.g., boundary=forest) as on the relation

[17:07] <malenki> most compartments i know are "separated" by normal highway=track

Idea for tagging type of section

As section key might be used in various places and may have more related places in future (more than car parks, cemeteries and forests), and to have well structured tagging, I suggest to use section_type=* key instead of place=section, forest=section, parking=section or cemetery=section.

It means that we should tag with the below rule:

In this way, we can have more use cases and definition for section tag without changing the definition of tang and their structure.

Also we can use section:type=place/forest/cemetery instead of section_type=place/forest/cemetery.

--Messi (talk) 06:10, 31 March 2013 (UTC)


As most of the time we want to use the section, there is a place with we want to divide it to smaller part, it should be applied to area. So in the header of the proposal, we should add area in applies to part. For example you can check the cemetery of Tehran, Iran (named Behesht Zahra) and see the sections in it. They are numbered and in each numbered section there is 1,000 - 10,000 graves. --Messi (talk) 06:10, 31 March 2013 (UTC)----

Full example of how to use it?

I don't understand how this proposal would be use, for instance for a cemetery. Does it mean that each section has to be tagged as a cemetery + the section tag? Or is section=Children enought? I have the feeling that that the section=* tag is used as a name=* tag. Can you give an example of how a cemetery (or parking or...) and its sections would be tagged? What type of value do you expect for asection=* tag? --LeTopographeFou (talk) 14:58, 28 August 2016 (UTC)


I have commenced using place=industrial_section together with other tags on Al Zour New Refinery Project in Kuwait. --Skippern (talk) 17:02, 14 September 2017 (UTC)