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Maybe add tag like book= where we can put tagg like manga (for japaness comic book) bd (for belgium book type), comic (for american comic book), secondhand buy (for old book seller)...--Yod4z 20:02, 3 September 2010 (BST)


Why a new book and not the same as for library? Just in pink (as the other shops) and not in brwon (as culture tags). To distingue between bookshop-book and library-book will be difficult because icons are usually small, but the difference between pink and brown is clear.

--Männedorf 13:10, 19 October 2010 (BST)

You're probably responding the book image appearing on the page:
Shop book.png
I've removed this from the page to avoid confusion. We can discuss it here, but this is just one possible image uploaded to the wiki a long time ago by User:Fatbozz, however he has failed to indicate if he designed it himself, and what the license is, so from that point of view, it's not a very useful image for anyone to use in their renderings.
Other images are available, including the ones we already use for amenity=library as you say. See Map Icons page.
Currently the main OSM Mapnik stylesheet is not configured to render any icon for bookshops (example bookshop node).
-- Harry Wood
Library in brown (culture)
No, no, the icon on the map! For Linraries, a brown books is rendered, but for bookshops no icon at the moment. So I propose to use the same icon, just in shop-pink instead of culture-brown (as in the exemple):
-- User:Männedorf 14:52, 5 April 2012

amenity=books;cafe is not good

In Revision as of 19:26, 22 February 2010 "Kslotte" added:

Tag the location with amenity=books;cafe if the shop also has built in cafe.

by replacing the original question:

May have a built in cafe. Tag the location separately with amenity=cafe or maybe add this tag to the same node? TODO: decide on recommendation here

I cannot see any reasoning for this change. I think this is not good and should not be used, should be removed from this page. Reason: "books" is a value for "shop", not "amenity". So we can tag "shop=books AND amenity=cafe" together. This is better supported in systems than tags with double value. (Or tag as separate nodes, however that conflicts with One_feature,_one_OSM_element.

Please see this page Semi-colon value separator which says:

avoid ';' separated values whenever possible

Reason: this is not supported by most of the software and will not be in the near feature (I got this on IRC from someone). So if you tag it with the most important value, instead list of values, that will work much better! This is a general tagging question of shop/amenity/tourism/leisure combinations. For start, I recommend we delete the buggy advice. - Kempelen 09:45, 4 November 2011 (UTC)

I agree. I've written a clearer recommendation now, although obviously it's only a recommendation. Some people may disagree. I think the best way is to map a cafe as a separate element. I don't really see that as a violation of One feature, one OSM element. The cafe is inside the bookshop, but it's separate thing, and has a separate specific location (which is potentially valuable data actually) I also wrote a lot of the Semi-colon value separator page. I feel like we're getting towards a good clear bunch of recommendations and documented principles. Hopefully I'm describing stuff which most mappers would agree with. -- Harry Wood 01:41, 7 November 2011 (UTC)