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Just wondered what the best way to get in touch with people participating in these 24 hour mapathons (or for them to contact each other)? The reason that I'm asking is that following a Data Working Group complaint I've been doing a bit of tidying of road classes in Milton Keynes (in most cases, but not all, returning to the status quo prior to the (well meaning but problematical) "mass edit"). The first of my changes was ; there have been more since and there is more still to do. If mapathon participants think "this road class is wrong" I'd like to reassure them that yes it is, and them fixing it would be great!

I'd be happy to share more details with participants (overpass queries used to identify the issues etc.), but it's a bit out of scope of this talk page.

Andy SomeoneElse (talk) 16:56, 8 June 2019 (UTC)

Hi Andy, this being the first Uk 24hr mapathon the procedure is being formed, but I believe there will be a separate page to co-ordinate efforts. The information about the DWG complaint and what you are doing is interesting in itself and not necessarily something I would have found out about without this thing, so maybe it has worked already :) Jnicho02 (talk) 09:21, 10 June 2019 (UTC)
Hi Andy. I have now created a page where you can add any info -

--RobJN (talk) 18:28, 10 June 2019 (UTC)