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If you want to edit this template then please edit the Czech version Template:Cs:CzechBuilding as well.

Key Description Note
building=* Basic building tag For values used during the import see building:ruian:type=*
building:flats=* Number of flats in the building Number
building:levels=* Number of levels in the building Number
building:ruian:type=* Type of the building in RUIAN Number - for its meaning see building:ruian:type=*
or older ref:ruian=*
RUIAN id of the building Used for establishing a link with RUIAN for possible future automatic corrections of buildings by bot based on the correction data published by RUIAN
You can view the details using link: http://vdp.cuzk.cz/vdp/ruian/stavebniobjekty/<ref:ruian:building>
start_date=* Date when the building was built Date
source=cuzk:ruian Source of data cuzk:ruian
You can edit the Czech version of this template here and English version is here.