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Dénominations bouddhistes

religion=buddhist + une des dénominations suivantes

denomination=mahayana Écoles Mahayana
denomination=gelug  Gelug
denomination=jishu  Ji shū
denomination=jodo_shinshu  Jōdo shinshū
denomination=jodo_shu  Jōdo shū
denomination=nichiren  Bouddhisme de Nichiren
denomination=nyingma  Nyingmapa
denomination=obaku  Ōbaku
denomination=pure_land  Terre pure
denomination=rinzai  Rinzai
denomination=risshu  Risshū
denomination=shingon_shu  Shingon
denomination=soto  Sōtō
denomination=tiantai  Tiantai
denomination=tibetan  Bouddhisme tibétain - most common
denomination=vajrayana  Bouddhisme vajrayāna
denomination=won  Won Buddhism
denomination=yogacara  Yogācāra
denomination=yuzu_nembutsu  Yūzū nembutsu shū
denomination=zen  Zen
denomination=theravada Écoles Theravada - second most common
denomination=thai_mahanikaya  Maha Nikaya(en)
denomination=thai_thammayut  Dhammayuttika Nikaya(en)

Dénominations chrétiennes

Denominations are tagged in OpenStreetMap as religion=christian based on the claims of the denomination, in combination with the une des dénominations suivantes.

Churches and rites in union with the Catholic Church
denomination=catholic  Église catholique (Veuillez utiliser denomination=roman_catholic, denomination=greek_catholic, etc, si le rite est connu)
denomination=armenian_catholic  Église catholique arménienne (unie à l'Église catholique)
denomination=chaldean_catholic  Église catholique chaldéenne (unie à l'Église catholique)
denomination=coptic_catholic  Église catholique copte (unie à l'Église catholique)
denomination=eritrean_catholic  Église catholique érythréenne (unie à l'Église catholique)
denomination=ethiopian_catholic  Église catholique éthiopienne (unie à l'Église catholique)
denomination=hungarian_greek_catholic  Église grecque-catholique hongroise (unie à l'Église catholique)
denomination=maronite  Église maronite (unie à l'Église catholique)
denomination=polish_catholic  Église polonaise-catholique (Pologne)
denomination=polish_national_catholic  Église catholique nationale polonaise
denomination=romanian_catholic  Romanian Catholic Church (unie à l'Église catholique)
denomination=syriac_catholic  Syriac Catholic Church (Church in union with the Catholic Church)
denomination=syro-malabar_catholic  Syro-Malabar Catholic Church (Church in union with the Catholic Church)
denomination=ukrainian_greek_catholic  Église grecque-catholique ukrainienne (unie à l'Église catholique)
Orthodox denominations
denomination=orthodox  Église orthodoxe
denomination=armenian_apostolic  Église apostolique arménienne
denomination=bulgarian_orthodox  Bulgarian Orthodox Church
denomination=eritrean_orthodox  Église érythréenne orthodoxe
denomination=ethiopian_orthodox  Église éthiopienne orthodoxe
denomination=coptic_orthodox  Église copte orthodoxe
denomination=macedonian_orthodox  Macedonian Orthodox Church
denomination=old_believers  Orthodoxes vieux-croyants
denomination=romanian_orthodox  Église orthodoxe roumaine
denomination=serbian_orthodox  Église orthodoxe serbe
denomination=syriac_orthodox  Syriac Orthodox Church
denomination=ukrainian_orthodox  Orthodox Church of Ukraine
Larger Protestant denominations (categories)
These protestant denominations are categories which often include several different organisations, which can be tagged with operator=*, though sometimes are tagged as the denomination=* instead (see following table of less common values)
denomination=protestant Unspecified Protestant church. Often a more specific denomination can be tagged:
denomination=adventist  Adventisme (Les églises adventistes ne sont pas toutes adventistes du septième jour)
denomination=anglican Églises de la  Communion anglicane ( Église d'Angleterre,  Église d'Irlande,  Église épiscopale des Etats-Unis, etc)
denomination=churches_of_christ  Churches of Christ(en)
denomination=disciples_of_christ  Église chrétienne des Disciples du Christ
denomination=episcopal  Église épiscopale des Etats-Unis
denomination=evangelical_covenant  Evangelical Covenant Church(en)
denomination=lutheran  Luthéranisme
denomination=mennonite  Mennonitisme
denomination=methodist  Méthodisme (voir aussi United Methodist ci-dessous)
denomination=moravian  Frères moraves
denomination=quaker  Société religieuse des Amis
denomination=reformed  Calvinisme
denomination=strict_baptist Strict Baptists
denomination=uniting  Église unifiée d'Australie
Protestant Church Organisations
These protestant church organisations are sometimes called "denominations" in some dialects of English, but usually they are considered to belong to a larger denominational category. Instead of tagging with denomination=* it is possible to uses these values with operator=* and use the larger category in the denomination=* tag.
denomination=african_methodist_episcopal  African Methodist Episcopal Church, frequently abbreviated as AME. See also denomination=methodist.
denomination=alliance  Alliance chrétienne et missionnaire
denomination=apostolic_faith  Apostolic Faith Church (Notez qu'il y a d'autres dénominations avec des noms très similaires.)
denomination=assemblies_of_god  Assemblées de Dieu
denomination=calvinistic_methodist  Calvinistic Methodists. It is preferable to tag Welsh Calvinistic Methodist churches as denomination=presbyterian as indeed the alternative name of the church, the Welsh Presbyterian Church, makes clear. The church body is the operator rather than denomination per se. The vast majority of such churches should have both name:en=* and name:cy=*. Note also that despite the name, the theology of the denomination is not very Calvinist (q.v. reformed).
denomination=catholic_apostolic  Église catholique apostolique
denomination=church_of_god_in_christ  Church of God in Christ(en), frequently abbreviated as COGIC. Imported GNIS nodes may often have the incorrect name of "Church of God and Christ" and should be corrected after verifying with survey or street-level imagery.
denomination=church_of_scotland  Église d'Écosse
denomination=churches_of_christ  Churches of Christ(en)
denomination=czechoslovak_hussite  Czechoslovak Hussite Church(en)
denomination=disciples_of_christ  Église chrétienne des Disciples du Christ
denomination=dutch_reformed (comprend l'Église réformée hollandaise (NGK) et des Églises similaires en Afrique du Sud)
denomination=evangelical_covenant  Evangelical Covenant Church(en)
denomination=evangelical_free_church_of_america  Evangelical Free Church of America(en)
denomination=evangelical_free_church_of_france  Union des Églises évangéliques libres (UEEL) - See also denomination=evangelical.
denomination=foursquare  International Church of the Foursquare Gospel
denomination=free_church_of_scotland  Free Church of Scotland (since 1900) - See also denomination=presbyterian.
denomination=mission_covenant_church_of_sweden  Mission Covenant Church of Sweden(en)
denomination=moravian  Frères moraves
denomination=nazarene  Église du Nazaréen
denomination=new_frontiers  Newfrontiers
denomination=orthodox_presbyterian_church  Orthodox Presbyterian Church - See also denomination=presbyterian.
denomination=pkn  Église protestante dans les Pays-Bas, réunion d'Églises réformées et luthériennes
denomination=remonstrant Remonstrants ( Remonstrants)
denomination=scottish_episcopal  Scottish Episcopal Church - See also denomination=anglican
denomination=seventh_day_adventist D'après  Église adventiste du septième jour, les églises adventistes ne sont pas toutes adventistes du septième jour.
denomination=strict_baptist Strict Baptists - See also denomination=baptist
denomination=temple_society_australia  Temple Society Australia is a an autonomous community of the Temple Society, (a German Protestant sect with roots in the Pietist movement of the Lutheran Church), formed in 1950. The greater part of its membership is concentrated in the Melbourne, Victoria area with groups also located in Sydney and Adelaide.
denomination=united  Église unie du Canada
denomination=uniting  Église unifiée d'Australie
denomination=united_methodist  Église méthodiste unie
denomination=united_church_of_christ  Église unie du Christ
denomination=welsh_baptist  Baptist_Union_of_Wales. Preferred usage is denomination=baptist, the Baptist Union of Wales is probably the operator=*.
denomination=welsh_independent Independent chapels in Wales will all be non-conformist denomination=protestant churches.
Unclassified christian denominations
denomination=apostolic Several different denominations and organisations use this term. See  Apostolic.
denomination=assyrian  Église apostolique assyrienne de l'Orient
denomination=catholic_mariavite  Catholic Mariavite Church (non-ecumenical)
denomination=charismatic  Renouveau charismatique
denomination=christian_community  La Communauté des chrétiens
denomination=christ_scientist  Église du Christ, Scientiste
denomination=ecumenical See Ecumenism sur Wikipédia
denomination=fsspx  Fraternité sacerdotale Saint-Pie-X (complex relationship with the Roman Catholic church)
denomination=iglesia_ni_cristo  Iglesia ni Cristo
denomination=jehovahs_witness  Témoins de Jéhovah
denomination=la_luz_del_mundo  La Luz del Mundo
denomination=liberal_catholic  Église catholique libérale
denomination=mariavite  Église mariavite
denomination=messianic_jewish  Judaïsme messianique
denomination=new_apostolic  Église néo-apostolique
denomination=nondenominational Churches which are not part of a larger organisation (often evangelical protestant)
denomination=philippine_independent  Église indépendante des Philippines, aussi connu sous le nom d'Eglise Aglipayan
denomination=simultaneum  Église simultanée
denomination=spiritist  Spiritisme.

Dénominations hindoues

religion=hindu + une des dénominations suivantes

denomination=shaktism  Shaktisme
denomination=hare_krishna  Association internationale pour la conscience de Krishna
denomination=vaishnavism  Vishnouisme
denomination=shaivism  Shivaïsme
denomination=smartism  Smartism(en)

Dénominations islamiques

religion=muslim + une des dénominations suivantes

denomination=ahmadiyya  Ahmadisme
denomination=alevi  Alévisme
denomination=bektashi  Bektashisme
denomination=ibadi  Ibadisme
denomination=ismaili  Ismaélisme
denomination=shia  Chiisme
denomination=sunni  Sunnisme
denomination=sufi  Soufisme

Dénominations jaïnes

religion=jain + une des dénominations suivantes

denomination=digambara  Digambara
denomination=svetambara  Shvetambara

Dénominations juives

religion=jewish + une des dénominations suivantes

denomination=conservative  Mouvement Massorti
denomination=hasidic  Hasidic Judaism
denomination=kabbalistic  Kabbalah
denomination=orthodox  Judaïsme orthodoxe
denomination=reconstructionist  Reconstructionist Judaism
denomination=reform  Reform Judaism
denomination=unity Unity Judaism (Judaísmo da Unidade)

Dénominations païennes

religion=pagan + une des dénominations suivantes

denomination=asatru  Ásatrú
denomination=celtic  Celtic polytheism
denomination=slavic  Slavic mythology
denomination=wicca  Wicca

Dénominations zoroastriennes

religion=zoroastrian + une des dénominations suivantes

denomination=parsi  Parsisme
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