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Public Transport

This is used for features related to public transport. For example: railway stations, bus stops and services. See the page titled Public transport for an introduction on its usage.

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
public_transport stop_position node The position on the street or rails where a bus, tram or train stops.
Průmyslová str3, Prague Štěrboholy.jpg
public_transport platform node way area The place where passengers are waiting for the transportation vehicle.
Bus platform.png
Bayview trstwy.jpg
public_transport station node area A station where several buses or trains end their service. Used in combination with building=yes or area=yes.
Manchester Piccadilly Bus Station.jpg
public_transport stop_area relation The stop area is a relation that contains all elements of a train/subway/monorail/tram/bus/trolleybus/aerialway/ferry stop.
Mf Relation.svg
public_transport user defined node area All commonly used values according to Taginfo.

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