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Used at Key:clothes page.


All parameters are optional. By default, text is in English. English writers shall write their comments in the template itself (avoiding double edition). Other languages are translated in template arguments, not in the template itself.

| name
| description

| head:key
| head:value
| head:element
| head:desc
| head:render
| head:photo

| clothes:key

| babies:value
| babies:desc

| children:value
| children:desc

| costumes:value
| costumes:desc

| denim:value
| denim:desc

| fashion:value
| fashion:desc

| fur:value
| fur:desc

| hats:value
| hats:desc

| leather:value
| leather:desc

| maternity:value
| maternity:desc

| men:value
| men:desc

| outdoor:value
| outdoor:desc

| oversize:value
| oversize:desc

| schoolwear:value
| schoolwear:desc

| second_hand:value
| second_hand:desc

| shoes:value
| shoes:desc

| sports:value
| sports:desc

| suits:value
| suits:desc

| swimwear:value
| swimwear:desc

| traditional:value
| traditional:desc

| underwear:value
| underwear:desc

| wedding:value
| wedding:desc

| women:value
| women:desc

| workwear:value
| workwear:desc

See also

Key Value Comment Photo
clothes babies Sells clothes for babies (e.g. rompers).
clothes children Sells clothes for children.
clothes costumes Sells or rents costumes and masks (e.g. for carnival).
clothes denim Sells clothes made of denim (e.g. jeans).
clothes fashion Sells fashionable/in vogue/trendy clothes. Note that some people use shop=fashion or shop=boutique for this.
clothes fur Sells clothes made from fur (e.g. fur coats, fur scarfs). This may also include artificial fur.
clothes hats Sells hats, caps, or other headgear.
clothes leather Sells clothes made from leather (e.g. leather coats, leather trousers). It is not yet clear whether shop=leather is preferable because many leather shops also sell leather handbags, leather shoes etc.
clothes maternity Sells clothes for pregnant women (such as maternity dresses).
clothes men Sells clothes for men.
clothes motorcycle Sells motorcycle clothes. See also motorcycle:clothes=*.
clothes outdoor Do not use this. If the shop sells clothes for outdoor sports activities, use clothes=sports instead. If it also sells equipment for trekking, climbing, camping etc., use shop=outdoor instead.
clothes oversize Sells clothes in big sizes for obese people.
clothes schoolwear Sells school uniforms.
clothes second_hand Use second_hand=yes (if it sell new and 2nd hand), second_hand=only (if it sell only 2nd hand clothes). If it sells various 2nd hand things like furniture, books, clothes use shop=second_hand
clothes shoes Use shop=shoes instead.
clothes sports Specialized in selling sportive clothes (e.g. jerseys, swimsuits). If the shop also sells sports equipment (e.g. balls, skis, scubas), use shop=sports instead.
clothes streetwear Sells streetwear.
clothes suits Sells suits, smokings, ties and other elegant menswear. May also sell made-to-measure suits.
clothes swimwear Sells slips, bikini, swimsuits etc. Beach & Fitness.jpg
clothes traditional Sells traditional garments/folk costumes (e.g. leather trousers and dirndl dresses in Bavaria).
clothes underwear Sells lingerie, slips, socks, stockings, or other underwear. Bikini-shop.jpg
clothes uniforms Sells uniforms
clothes unisex Sells unisex clothes
clothes vintage Sells vintage clothes
clothes wedding Sells dresses for brides. May also sell suits for bridegrooms.
clothes women Sells clothes for women.
clothes women;men Sells clothes for women and men.
clothes women;men;children Sells clothes for women, men and children.
clothes workwear Sells working clothes (e.g. uniforms, protective suits, lab coats).
clothes user defined All commonly used values according to Taginfo

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