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Describes the main material of a physical feature.

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
material wood node area Wood. 16 wood samples.jpg
material palm_leaves node area Arecaceae. 1859-Martinique.web.jpg
material bamboo node area Bamboo. Bamboo Feb09.jpg
material metal node area Metal. Balk9.jpg
material brass node area Brass. 30-30.jpg
material bronze node area Bronze. Bronze bell with visible material structure.jpg
material steel node area Steel. Balk9.jpg
material concrete node area Concrete. Concreteathruz.jpg
material reinforced_concrete node area Reinforced_concrete. Reinforced concrete1.jpg
material stone node area Stone. Hochbeet aus Naturstein.jpg
material granite node area Granite. Fjæregranitt3.JPG
material sandstone node area Sandstone. USDA Mineral Sandstone 93c3955.jpg
material masonry node area Masonry. Athruzmasonry.jpg
material brick node area Brick. Brick.jpg
material silicate brick node area Silicate brick.
material adobe node area Adobe, mudbrick. Material made from earth and organic materials. Milyanfan-adobe-bricks-8038.jpg
material plastic node area Plastic. Cadeira Palmetal - Modelo I - Preta - Simples.jpg
material soil node area Soil. Stagnogley.JPG
material rammed_earth node area Rammed earth. Paderne Morrish Castle 26 Nov 2007 (6).JPG
material glass node area Glass. Westin Bonaventure Hotel.jpg
material andesite node area Andesite. Amygdaloidal andesite.jpg
material user defined node area All commonly used values according to Taginfo

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