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Roof shape

You can characterize the roof shape of a building using a catalogue of well-known roof types.

Image Roof Gabled.png Roof Flat.png Roof Hipped.png Roof Pyramidal.png Roof Skillion.png Roof Half Hipped.png
roof:shape gabled flat hipped pyramidal skillion half-hipped
Image Roof Round.png Roof Gambrel.png Roof Mansard.png Roof Dome.png Roof Onion.png
roof:shape round gambrel mansard dome onion

Other common values and problems.

Value Comment
saltbox Problematic due to conflicting definitions and meanings of "saltbox" in this context.[1] [2]
double_saltbox, quadruple_saltbox As above.
sawtooth Factory style roofs.
cone, conical Both used rarely.
side_hipped Half of a hipped roof, not the same as half-hipped. One vertical gabled side, one 'hip' with three sloped faced. This is common on semi-detached properties where the whole building has a hipped roof, but each house has a side_hipped roof.
lean_to Unclear, probably should be skillion.
shed Mono-pitched roofing, also sawtooth
gabled_row Unclear, sometimes used on a sawtooth roof, sometimes a row of gabled terraces.
crosspitched Cross shaped roof with two gables at 90degrees. AKA Cross gabled roof.
many Marks that building has multiple different roof shapes at once. Such building may have building:part=* carrying own roof:shape values. History described in detail in roof:shape=many
Saltbox - one meaning, conflicting with alternative one, from DE:OSM-4D/Roof table and some editors
Saltbox - one meaning, conflicting with alternative one, from Simple 3D Buildings and some editors
Saltbox house roof shape, according to Saltbox house

Other roof tags

Key Comment
roof:orientation=along/across For roofs with a ridge the ridge is assumed to be parallel to the longest side of the building (roof:orientation=along). But it can be tagged explicitly with this tag.
roof:height=* The height of the building (i.e. the height of the façade) is calculated as the building's total height=* minus roof:height=*.
roof:angle=* Alternatively to roof:height=*, roof height can be indicated implicitly by providing the inclination of the sides (in degrees).
roof:levels=* Number of floors within the roof, which are not already counted in building:levels=*.
roof:direction=* Direction from back side of roof to front, i.e. the direction towards which the main face of the roof is looking.
roof:material=* The outermost material of the roof. Useful in conjunction with roof:colour=*.
roof:colour=* The (dominant) colour of the roof. Useful in conjunction with roof:material=*.

Proposed tags

Some roofs (e.g., square buildings) cannot be accurately modeled with the simple techniques described on this page.

Additional roof shapes are suggested in S3DB Proposals, including advanced approaches for manual modelling (e.g., ProposedRoofLines or parts of OSM-4D/Roof table).

This section is a wiki template, editable here.

  1. By some users/editors, the roof shape which is shown on this picture may be interpreted as double_saltbox, whereas saltbox then has only one upper roof edge.
  2. https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/tagging/2020-February/thread.html#51110