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Roof shape

You can characterize the roof shape of a building using a catalogue of well-known roof types.

Image Roof Gabled.png Roof Flat.png Roof Hipped.png Roof Pyramidal.png Roof Skillion.png Roof Half Hipped.png Roof Hip and Gable.png Tejado mariposa.svg
roof:shape gabled flat hipped pyramidal skillion half-hipped hipped-and-gabled butterfly
Image Roof Round.png Roof Gambrel.png Roof Mansard.png Roof Dome.png Roof Onion.png Roof Sawtooth.png
roof:shape round gambrel mansard dome onion sawtooth
Image Roof Cone.png Roof Crosspitched.png Roof Side Hipped.png Roof Side Half Hipped.png Roof Gabled Height Moved.png
roof:shape cone crosspitched side_hipped side_half-hipped gabled_height_moved
Other common values
Value Comment
many Marks that building has multiple different roof shapes at once. Such building may have building:part=* carrying own roof:shape values. History described in detail in roof:shape=many

Other roof tags

Key Comment
roof:orientation=along/across For roofs with a ridge the ridge is assumed to be parallel to the longest side of the building (roof:orientation=along). But it can be tagged explicitly with this tag.
roof:height=* The height of the building (i.e. the height of the façade) is calculated as the building's total height=* minus roof:height=*.
roof:angle=* Alternatively to roof:height=*, roof height can be indicated implicitly by providing the inclination of the sides (in degrees).
roof:levels=* Number of floors within the roof, which are not already counted in building:levels=*.
roof:direction=* Direction from back side of roof to front, i.e. the direction towards which the main face of the roof is looking.
roof:material=* The outermost material of the roof. Useful in conjunction with roof:colour=*.
roof:colour=* The (dominant) colour of the roof. Useful in conjunction with roof:material=*.

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