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This template can be used to ease the creation of simple state templates. As such, it is a kind of meta template.

See the templates referring to it for a better explanation.

In short, you call it like

{{State Simple Or Legend|{{{1|}}}|{{{1|XYZ}}}|Bike|<legend parameters>}}

so parameters are

  • 1 and 2 = the wanted state
    • 1: replaced by empty string
    • 2: unreplaced or placed with something else
  • 3 = the state name
  • 4 = the text to be put into the image; defaults to 3
  • ext = the extension, defaults to .svg

Legend parameters are

  • template = <Template to be inserted>. See how this is done in {{State Hiking}}
  • text = <Text to be inserted>
  • maybe one day: autogenerate = yes or something.

The template shouldn't use "us"; rather it should call {{State Simple}} directly in order to avoid a Template Loop.

See also

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