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Displays a tag: key-value and (optionally) links to the corresponding wiki page.

Traditional format


{{TagValue|key|value linked|value displayed}}
{{TagValue|key||value without link}}

If the third argument is used, the link goes to the key page.

What you display What you type What you link
motorway {{TagValue|highway|motorway}} Tag:highway=motorway
type of the way {{tagValue|highway|motorway|''type of the way''}} Tag:highway=motorway
To force it to not link to the specific page, skip the second argument and put the text in the third or fourth argument like:
shelter {{TagValue|amenity||shelter}} Key:amenity#amenity-shelter
yes {{TagValue|bridge|||yes}} Key:bridge
ref number {{TagValue|ref|||''ref number''}} Key:ref

The main Key:name pages (using map features templates) need to be modified to work with this template in order to link them to anchors in these pages such as Key:name#value. For each value described, the matching row in tables listing and describing key values, and which starts with a leading line


must be changed (by ionserting an identifier suitable as HTML anchors) into:

|- id="name-value"

with the name and the value separated with -, and with spaces changed into _ (note that some values containing separators such as #, , or ; cannot be anchored with valid identifiers). E.g. :

|- id="amenity-ferry_terminal"

Actually the key pages updated are [1]:

Parameter format

There is a second style with named parameters:

Wikimarkup Note Expansion Rendering


The key-value combination has its own wiki page or redirects to the wiki page of the key. [[Tag:highway=motorway|motorway]] motorway
{{TagValue|link=key|key=highway|value=motorway}} The value is explained on the wiki page of the key, link to it. [[Key:highway|motorway]] motorway
{{TagValue|link=key#|key=amenity|value=embassy}} Links to the wiki page of the key, but adds a fragment to jump the corresponding paragraph, if an anchor has been set. [[Key:amenity#amenity-embassy|embassy]] embassy


Do not link. Can be useful display a list of values on the key-wiki page. biomass biomass


Links to the wiki page of the specific language. [[JA:Tag:highway=motorway|motorway]] motorway

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