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The following text is a translation of the original article in English. Insert all new information or information which are specific to your place before this notice.
Please avoid changing radically this text without translation also updating the original article, and notify the international community or ask for help on this site. Orthographic, grammatical, lexical or stylistic corrections are welcome.
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This template is used to make it easier to maintain translations in the wiki. It generates a notice that acts as a separator: it informs about the last time the changes in the English article were incorporated into the translated article, and also suggests that the article's top serves for information specific to countries where where the language of the translated version is spoken, while The bottom part is as faithful a translation as possible (with none or few additional auxiliary information).


The following parameters can be passed to the model:

Parameter name Required Purpose
revisiondate Sim A date, the last time someone reviewed the article in English and incorporated its changes to the translated article.
reviewer Sim A person (username in the wiki) who last reviewed.