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There's something wrong here

I added some translations (look here), and some articles (e.g. Key:ref) will show like:

[[Category:Key descriptions with status "de facto

at the top.

But I don't know why these happened. I can't find anything wrong in my edits. --Mahajana (talk) 15:46, 15 March 2020 (UTC)

Add "import" status

I am adding a new status "import" after discussion on the tagging list. This should be used for tags that originated from imported data, usually tags that are only used to link to another database or are only used as part of an import or a group of imports from the same data source. --Jeisenbe (talk) 13:36, 24 March 2020 (UTC)

Use strings from data items

I propose, for every status with a corresponding data item, to return the label in each language for draft (Q18), proposed (Q20), voting (Q17), approved (Q15), rejected (Q16), abandoned (Q19), in use (Q14), de facto (Q13), discardable (Q7550), deprecated (Q5061), obsolete (Q5060) and imported (Q21146), and to add the missing translations to each data item. --Andrew (talk) 12:00, 16 August 2020 (UTC)

I have copied the strings from this template wherever there are missing labels in the data items and switched to using the labels. In a few places there were different labels; as I’ve left them unchanged some statuses are displayed differently.
    • Chinese (simplified): 已通过 → 已批准, 正在使用 → 使用中
    • Chinese (traditional): 已核准 → 已批准, 正在使用 → 使用中
    • Czech: koncept → připravováno, navrhováno → navrženo, hlasuje se → ve fázi hlasování, nepotřebné → odstranitelné, odmítané → nahrazeno
    • Dutch: concept → in ontwerp, in stemming → stemming open, afgekeurd → verworpen, onderdrukbare → te verwijderen, niet meer aangeraden → afgevoerd
    • English: import → imported
    • French: ébauché → Brouillon, en vote → Vote en cours, de facto → de fait, suppressible → jetable, désapprouvé → Déprécié, some other statuses were entered capitalised
    • German: im Entwurfsstadium → Entwurf, im Abstimmungsprozess → in Abstimmung, aufgegeben → abgebrochen, unterdrückbar → verwerfbar, missbilligt → veraltet, veraltet → obsolet
    • Italian: in votazione → voto in corso
    • Japanese: 草案 → ドラフト, 事実上の標準 → デファクト, 削除可 → 廃棄可, 使用終了 → 代替済
    • Macedonian: предложено → предложен, одобрено → прифатен, отфрлено → одбиен, напуштено → напуштен, за отстранување → отфрлив, застарено → застарен
    • Polish: szkic → projekt, głosowany → głosowanie, zaakceptowany → zatwierdzony, zaniechany → opuszczony, niepotrzebny → odrzucony, nieaktualny → przestarzały, przestarzały → nieaktualny
    • Portuguese: esboço → rascunho, proposta → proposto, em votação → votando, em utilização → em uso, depreciado → descontinuado
    • Russian: против использования → не рекомендуемый
    • Spanish: propuesta → propuesto, en votación → votando, importación → importado
    • Swedish: i användning → används, nedvärdera → föråldrad, obsolet → föråldrad
    • Ukrainian: проект → чернетка, схвалено → затверджений, відхилено → відхилений, покинутий → покинуто, не рекомендовано → не рекомендований
    • Vietnamese: khái niệm → dự thảo, sử dụng trên thực tế → đang sử dụng trên thực tế

More descriptions documenting the statuses in different languages would be useful. --Andrew (talk) 12:30, 22 August 2020 (UTC)

Thanks for pointing out! I fixed Polish translations. There was more work than I thought. I had to move or create many categories. maro21 11:54, 23 August 2020 (UTC)