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Tesla Motors.svg

Tesla is an American manufacturer of electric cars.

Mapping Tesla facilities

Tesla showrooms are tagged shop=car.[1]

See Tag:amenity=charging station/Tesla Motors for details on mapping Tesla Superchargers and Destination Charger electric vehicle charging stations.

See Brandenburg/Tesla about the construction of Gigafactory 4 in Germany, Brandenburg, Grünheide, during 2020.

Use of OSM data

In 2019, Tesla owners reported that the car's Smart Summon uses OSM data, routing along mapped service=parking_aisle ways.[2] In November 2020, Twitter user @greentheonly inferred the use of OpenStreetMap data, after finding the latest Tesla "Map Data" update was a new set of Valhalla tiles, which is used for routing and Autopilot decisions.[3] However, in 2023 @greentheonly said the sources of the Valhalla Mapbox format are unknown, Tesla discloses TomTom as a source + there are some OSM-similar parts + likely some of their own mapping.[4]

Where Tesla is using Valhalla for navigation, including when self-driving, this can be improved by following Mapbox's guide to "Mapping for Navigation".