UK 2017 Q3 Project: Bus Route Relations & Station Entrances

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This project is to improve bus route relations and station entrances.

Suggested processes


Bus routes

Bus route relations can be tricky for the uninitiated (and even for the initiated).

In lieu of how-to documentation (which is currently being prepared), you could study this example of a well-mapped complete route with no gaps, proper roles and all stops linked.

See Bus routes for how the tagging is defined.

Station entrances



  • This section will detail how to map routes and relations from new, and how to amend existing ones.
  • Specific areas of help requested:
    • How to map two operators who share the running of a single service.

Progress tracking

Put your name to an area you are planning on mapping.

It might be useful to declare an area that is particularly bereft of bus mapping even if you can't commit to mapping it; others can then step in.

Name Area
Paul Berry Huddersfield
Jez Nicholson Brighton & Hove
James Kingdom Bognor Regis
Brian Prangle West Mids generally starting with all routes from Stourbridge bus station
Jack Kelly Manchester (west)

See also Bus networks in the United Kingdom for a list of what has been mapped (please note this may be significantly out of date).

Previous projects

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