UK Quarterly Project/2021/2021 Q1 Project: Green Spaces

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The first UK Quarterly Project of 2021 is Green Spaces - e.g. parks, allotments, play grounds and commons.

In this Quarterly Project we are introducing the changeset hashtag #ukqp to help us monitor involvement, it is of course optional.

Useful Wiki Pages

Potential sources and tools

MapRoulette Challenges

Data Sources

  • This project contains a variety of geospatial data for B&NES. These geojson files listed in the document are all published under the Open Government Licence. B&NES council were able to release following approval of an exemption by OS. The files cover a variety of fine-grained types of greenspace.

Things to do

Expand existing data

Mapping paths in parks and other outdoor places.

A surprising amount of leisure=playground in OSM are singe nodes, consider expanding them to areas or even mapping individual equipment.

Add new data

Local areas that you haven't got around to mapping yet.

Use the MapRoulette tasks to help map areas further afield.

Define an Overpass Turbo call for 'greenspace'


from the list of values in

  • "garden:type"="arboretum"
  • "garden:type"="botanical"
  • "garden:type"="community"
  • "garden:type"="memorial"
  • "garden:type"="municipal"
  • "garden:type"="public"

Playing Fields

  • "landuse"="recreation_ground"