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UK School Data Import


The Goal is to import the school grounds for UK and Scottish Schools associated with the address data of the respective Ministries of education.


Data description

The Data is derived from:

1) 'Code-Point' Open and 'OS Open Map - Local' from Ordnance_Survey_Opendata

2) All EduBase data

3) 'School Contact Details' from the Scottish Government SEED.


ODbL Compliance verified: YES The data is released under the Open Government License. Also see Licensing/Ordnance_Survey_OpenData_License for more Details.

Import Type

Semi automatic import with a web application. To import a school ground polygon the user has to choose the data from Edubase/Seed that will be imported. The import is one polygon at a time, the user verifies the accuracy and if data already exists. A detailed description is available.

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