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Mapping USA 2021

This virtual event is a celebration of all things OpenStreetMap and our community. This year, we will take a virtual road trip through OpenStreetMap across the United States

The event will include an informal Mappy Hour Thursday evening, a scheduled ½ day of talks on Friday, and a day of workshops, birds of a feather sessions and mapathons on Saturday. Wherever you are, join us to learn about OpenStreetMap and network with fellow mappers through a combination of curated and community-led dialog.


Thursday May 20, 2021: Mappy Hour ~ 8:00pm ET to 9:00pm ET

Join the Mappy Hour & help us kickoff the event!

Friday, May 21, 2021: Curated Sessions ~ 2pm ET to 6pm ET

Call for participations opens soon!

Saturday, May 22, 2021: Workshops, BoF, Training Sessions, Mapping ~ 11am ET to 4pm ET

Call for participation coming soon!


Interested in supporting the event? Let us know! Please email events@openstreetmap.us for more information.

Code of Conduct

A Code of Conduct exists to support a healthy and sustainable community where diversity and inclusion can thrive. Towards that end, our Code of Conduct (CoC) governs OpenStreetMap US forums and community events, and acts as a guide to make it easier to enrich all of us and the community in which we participate. Read the Code of Conduct here.

OpenStreetMap US is committed to providing a friendly, safe, and welcoming environment for all, regardless of level of experience, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, physical abilities, neurodiversity, personal appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, age, religion, national origin, and socio-economic background.