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I'm Adam, an undergrad student at the University of Cincinnati. Currently I am focused on the Cincinnati metro area while I attend school. I also upload and maintain a large amount of images on mapillary for the Cincinnati area.

osm traces map
Country United States
State Ohio
City Cincinnati
I use or have experience with the iD and JOSM editors.

Focus Areas

Currently focused on:

  • Cincinnati Metro Area
    • Adding street level imagery for areas within the 275 loop.
    • 3D Buildings for the Central Business District
    • Surveying OTR for new businesses
  • Oxford Ohio
    • Aligning buildings
    • Land usage
    • Adding POIs
    • Street level imagery and ground surveying

Surveying Equipment

Imagery: GoPro Hero 7 Black with various mount, Pixel 3, Canon DSLR.

Ground Survey: Surface Pro, Pen and Paper.