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UK' (52.15,-0.45 Z:11)

UK (52.51,-1.87 Z:11)

- and the West Midlands conurbation.

Canaveral, USA (28.58,-80.65 Z:11)

- The Kennedy Space Center.

Germany (50.96,6.95 Z:10)

Denmark (55.68,12.55 Z:11)

Ireland (51.9,-8.5 Z:11)

- Cork city and surrounding area.Cork.

Ireland (53.35,-6.275 Z:12)

- Central Dublin.Dublin.

France (45.25,5.7 Z:10)

UK (55.87,-4.3 Z:10)

- North area started.

of Man, British Isles (54.23,-4.57 Z:9)

of Wight, UK (50.675,-1.31 Z:10)

UK (51.485,-0.15 Z:9)

- Greater London and beyond within the M25 motorway.[London]].

Germany (48.176,11.525 Z:09)

York, USA (40.78,-73.98 Z:10)

- Manhattan Island.

UK (52.645,1.277 Z:11)

Utah, USA (41.2,-112.0 Z:10)

Norway (59.9,10.8 Z:10)

UK (51.76,-1.23 Z:11)

France (48.86,2.338 Z:11)

West Sussex, UK (51.04,-0.83 Z:10)

- Countryside mapping from Nick between Petersfield and Haslemere.

Francisco, USA (37.77,-122.41 Z:11)

- Including East Bay and Marin.

UK (50.79,-1.38 Z:9)

- Including the New Forrest and the Isle of Wight.

Austria (48.20,16.28 Z:11)

DC, USA (38.9,-77.0 Z:11)

UK (50.4,-4.94 Z:11)

Hague, Rijswijk & Voorburg, NL (52.07,4.35 Z:11)

Places by Country

Check OpenStreetMap:Community Portal for places by country

Static rendered maps created from OpenStreetMap data

With the volume of data now collected, the first static of data into pretty maps are starting to appear. Notable using Osmarender, an xml - xsl - svg transformation.