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Name, wiki page URL Data source Contact Improvements needed
OpenStreetBrowser MySQL User:Skunk performance under high load, more human readable output
POI maps, Haiti POIs German regions, Haiti, type 1-5 single file, downloaded from XAPI User:Lübeck automatic frequent updates, support for other tags, support any region, browser performance, interface (?)
Post- und Telefonkarte MySQL User "dt2" at automatic frequent updates, query response time
POI Export PostGIS User:Rubke, User:Rullzer select area, updates (?)
Lenz Online POI via XAPI live XAPI queries Paul Lenz depends on XAPI response times and availability
XAPI demo MonetDB XAPI User:Rubke click markers for details
OpenRouteService POI search (OpenLS directory) PostGIS Pascal Neis bbox POI search (no target of that service), click markers for details
Nominatim POI search PostGIS User:Twain frequent updates, results seemed incomplete (?)
GoogleEarth_Dynamic_KML, OpenLayers_Dynamic_KML, OpenLayers_Dynamic_POI none install yourself none provide data
Query-to-map PostGIS (osm2pgsql) User:Kolossos performance
POI-Lists Göttingen parsed Planet extract User:Sasude, User:Alexeick, User:Emka parsing currently takes 10 hours, support any city
POI map test (Cloudmade) [1] Cloudmade geocoder User:Emka API is not free of charge, only selection of POIs supported
POI map test (hstore) [2] PostGIS (osm2pgsql hstore) User:Emka performance (not well-tested yet, Planet under construction)
POI tools [3] PostGIS, custom tables User:Emka updating complicated and slow, only selected tags are supported
OpenLinkMap [4] poi-tools data Alexander Matheisen (see poi-tools)