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About me
OSM Logo This user submits data to OpenStreetMap under the name
Flag of England.svg This user hails from England
JOSM Gregrs submits data to OpenStreetMap using JOSM.
Hiker Gregrs
is a hiker.
Sinnbild PKW.svg Gregrs is a motorist.
Geocaching.svg Gregrs maps while geocaching.


I joined the OSM community in February 2012. I'm interested in open source / open data in general and sometimes combine contributing to OSM with geocaching. I've also written some software for using / improving OSM data (see below).

Equipment and software


I aim to improve the detail and accuracy of areas that have already been mapped e.g. by adding missing speed limits, car parks, postboxes, farms, schools, etc.

By walking planned routes with a GPS and camera, I have also systematically surveyed lots of footpaths North of Bromyard, capturing as much detail as possible including field boundaries (barrier=hedge or barrier=fence), gates, stiles, prominent trees, etc.

Tagging scheme for public rights of way

I am using the JOSM presets described here. Below is the tagging scheme that I am following:

Public footpath: highway=footway | designation=public_footpath | foot=designated | surface=*

Public bridleway: highway=bridleway | designation=public_bridleway | foot=designated | horse=designated | bicycle=yes | surface=*

Unless using a particular mode of transport is specifically prohibited by signage, I do not add any tags such as vehicle=no. If a public footpath had a 'no cycling' sign though, I would tag it as bicycle=no.

Python tools and Leaflet maps for FHRS and OpenStreetMap

Please see User:Gregrs/python-fhrs-osm

Map tiles of Environment Agency LIDAR data

Please see User:Gregrs/lidar2tiles

Outdoor map styles for Great Britain

Please see User:Gregrs/GB_Leisure_Map

Points of Interest (POIs) for TomTom satnavs

Please see User:Gregrs/osm-ov2

Ordnance Survey triangulation stations

Please see Ordnance Survey triangulation stations

PGP key

Download PGP key
Fingerprint: EBD1 077F CCDD 841E A505 3FAA D2E8 592E 6490 7C8A