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I'm a big fan of OpenStreetMap and use it whenever possible. I live in Durham and keep an eye on the progressing map and on User:LastGrape's blog. I've avoided being sucked in to editing until now because I lack a GPS receiver (getting one would definitely be on my list if I came into some money) and because I could probably get quite addicted.

I didn't make it to the Durham mapping party in June 2008 but I do hope to make it to the Duke of Wellington meet on Thursday 23rd, so I've signed up to the wiki to put my name down. I've also just printed off and selotaped together a 1:9000 (-ish) map covering roughly the area below and stuck it on my door, which is something I've been meaning to do for a while. This makes life much easier than looking at the website on my small laptop screen when I actually need to consult a map of Durham.

My name refers to one of the main streets in the centre of Leeds.

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