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Durham, County Durham, North East England

latitude: 54.766, longitude: -1.5666
Browse map of Durham 54°45′57.60″ N, 1°33′59.76″ W
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Durham is a city in County Durham, North East England at latitude 54°45′57.60″ North, longitude 1°33′59.76″ West. For other uses of Durham, see Durham (disambiguation).


The City of Durham lies in North East England situated 13 miles (21 km) south west of Sunderland and 10 miles (16 Km) south of Newcastle. It is a part of the unitary authority of Durham and the ceremonial county of County Durham. Durham is dominated by its Gothic cathedral, voted Britain's favourite building in 2001, and is home to Durham University, possibly England's third oldest university. The River Wear meanders through the city, creating a peninsula on which the city centre stands.


OS StreetView and Bing aerial imagery. Please check with active Durham mappers before adding or amending data from OS StreetView, Bing aerial imagery, or other sources. Durham and the surrounding area can be completed through ground-truth surveys and in-filling areas with StreetView acts as a significant disincentive to doing such mapping. In particular DO NOT AMEND existing map data which has been acquired on the ground WITHOUT contacting the person who did the mapping. IF YOU DO NOT CONTACT EXISTING MAPPERS, THERE IS A RISK THAT YOUR CONTRIBUTION MIGHT BE REVERTED.


Durham is being mapped as part of a project involving living without other maps. See the Living With Dragons website for details and the blog. It would be good to look there for up to date coverage details and any events.

Work / Progress

There was a cake here that got out of date rather quickly, we tried a table of what's complete, but that became confusing as all the roads get mapped. Perhaps it is best to list some of the projects and efforts that are being worked on, and their progress. Feel free to add projects you want to be mapped!

  • Basic details, roads and main POIs. - Mostly done.
    • On-ground surveying. - Sadly some stuff has been traced from Ordnance Survey StreetView with no local knowledge. It would be good to check/update those places. Hetton-Le-Hole, Rainton/Leamside,...
  • Bus routes. - As of Sept 2010 only one bus route has been added. See Buses and map. Also confirm bus stop locations at the same time (remove naptan:verified=no tag).
  • House numbers and buildings. - Using Ordnance Survey Opendata and ground survey. LastGrape/Gregory is working on Gilesgate, City Centre, Belmont, Carrville.
  • Shops. - Similar to houses but with a purpose to sell you something. Can we get everyone in?
  • Need more things to map, look at 'Project of the week'

Blog updates on the project of mapping Durham:

Durham Specific Tagging

The University of Durham is separated in to Colleges in a similar way to some other universities, though to a greater degree than most. Some form of College tagging similar to that in Oxford may be appropriate.

Aerial photography is as good as non-existent so most buildings are hard to get an accurate outline.
We also need a way to tag all the departments that are dotted around the city, there are several separate uni places on Old Elvet.
I've been tagging (probably wrongly) in the following way...

  • building=university
  • university=Durham University don't think I've added this anywhere yet
  • name=Brooks House (building name)
  • college=St Aidan's College|Grey College|... see existing values
  • department=Geography|Maths|... (if a building is for teaching rather than accommodation/sport)
  • name=Name of college (building name, if useful)
  • rooms=CG.. (the prefix of room codes in this building followed by 2 dots where numbers go, or a range like CG10-26)

For colleges that have an area large enough that it should be mapped:

  • boundary=college
  • admin_level=10

Hopefully this is fine with [Key:boundary]

Issues arising with tagging system.

  • Should we use department=DSU for the Student's Union and other societies?
    • Err, what societies have buildings except DUS which is very separate from DSU.
  • Should the admin building(Old Shire Hall), Library, and ITS block, random office blocks, all be tagged as department=admin?
    • yes, being done
  • The club boathouse tags may still be good but should probably be proposed as main OSM tags.
  • Any other relevant tags can be added, such as amenity=library can be added.

Discuss further in Talk:Durham

Club boathouses

There are plenty of these and the following tagging doesn't mean they show up fully.

  • amenity=club_house
  • leisure=boathouse
  • sport=rowing (though it may be kayaking/canoeing or other water sports)
  • name=(whatever college/club) boathouse (unless it has a specific name?)

To comply with the new tagging system:

  • building=university
  • department=society

Past Events

Talk: Cycling the free map

A talk with the tile "Cycling the free map" was given by Gregory Marler as part of Bike Week, run by Durham University's Bicycle Users Group.

Gregory Marler explains why he and 100,000 other OpenStreetMap volunteers are making a free map of the world, and why a bicycle is the best form of transport while surveying. One result is a map that is great for cyclists and can be viewed online, printed, or on a handlebar-mounted GPS. Where else would you be able to find your nearest post box, cycle track, bicycle parking, and even fast/direct/scenic bicycle routing?

Pub Meetup

A chance for local mappers to meet each other, discuss the area and mapping tactics/tagging.

The last meetup look place:

Those who came

Mapping Party

There was a Durham mapping party on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th June 2008.