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This page is about Newcastle upon Tyne. You may also want Newcastle under Lyme

Newcastle, Tyne and Wear

latitude: 54.95, longitude: -1.60
Browse map of Newcastle 54°57′00.00″ N, 1°36′00.00″ W
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Newcastle is a city in Tyne and Wear at latitude 54°57′00.00″ North, longitude 1°36′00.00″ West.

Welcome to Newcastle!

There's plenty of different areas of mapping to do in Newcastle - including railway and Metro infrastructure, residential areas, universities, shops and retail, cycling and road networks. As always follow the Good practice guidelines and if you're tracing from aerial imagery check that the imagery isn't outdated. Feel free to contact a local mapper for help or just leave a note on the map and someone will look out for it.


The following users have, or do, actively contribute to the map of Newcastle.

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Some funny old map images from very early in the project: