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Perfil / Profile
OSM Logo This user submits data to OpenStreetMap under the name

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Herramientas / Tools

Go Do Some Mapping.png LuisGC uses a Android and is willing to answer questions on it from OSM users.
JOSM LuisGC submits data to OpenStreetMap using JOSM.
Mapillary LuisGC takes photos for Mapillary as LuisGC.
Keypad-Mapper 3 LuisGC contributes data to OpenStreetMap using Keypad-Mapper 3.

Aficiones / Hobbies

Bike LuisGC
is a bicyclist.
Hiker LuisGC
is a hiker.
Geocaching.svg LuisGC maps while geocaching.

He colaborado principalmente en / Mostly mapped in

Flag of Spain.svg LuisGC has mapped in Spain.
Flag of France.svg LuisGC has mapped in France.
Flag of the United States.svg LuisGC has mapped in the United States
Flag of Sierra Leone.svg LuisGC has mapped in Sierra Leone.
Flag of Honduras.svg LuisGC has mapped in Honduras.
Flag of Austria.svg LuisGC has mapped in Austria.
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg LuisGC has mapped in the United Kingdom
es Este usuario tiene el español como lengua materna.
en-3 This user is able to contribute with an advanced level of English.
fr-1 Cette personne peut contribuer avec un niveau élémentaire de français.


Mi nombre es Luis García Castro, aunque en muchos sitios soy conocido como Luiyo.

My real name is Luis García Castro, also known as Luiyo in several places.

Realizado / Done

¿Cómo he contribuido a OSM? / How did I contribute to OSM?

Mi mapa de calor de OSM / My OSM HeatMap

Mis aportaciones en Mapillary / My uploads in Mapillary

En progreso / In progress

  • Continuar mejorando la zona de Covarrubias (Burgos) y alrededores
  • Continuar mejorando la zona norte de Madrid
  • Mucho Maproulette